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Sunday, May 11, 2014

i walk on an art area and take some pics with this awsome wall, i love the blue colour so so much.
my style this times, uhmmm, may be too ugly, too simple, but i absolutely feel great with the heat in Saigon now, oooohhhhh. every step i made every sweat it falls

Saturday, March 22, 2014

White Wind

This is not a secret, that I do the modeling for my own design ^,^. Actually, I love this job so much. In the past, I took a journey on Facebook next top model (Vietnam edition), but I couldn't go to the end ^a^ Ooh, this is a different story and I'll talk about it later.

I don't have much to say about this look cuzz it's belonged to the lookbook I posted yesterday. These're just the cut of my photos. Instead, I make a poetry and share with you all. enjoy it ^,^

Wind blows, White sky shines.
everything in my mind, go blind.
I wanna hide myself with all the lies.
but I certain that nothing will be right.
if there's no way to go... then fly.

Friday, March 21, 2014

White Shadow [bohie's lookbok on mar.2014]

Time is passing the hell fast as a Lion chasing his meal. This Mar to me just like a race that I have to work my ass off. I am a start-up person on my own business, and I did everything myself to save the money as much as possible, design, make the clothes, sale, marketing, pr, etc. I'm not complaining, just telling the reason why I have to work my ass off =D. There're many jobs and companies I can take part in, so that I'll be more pleasant than I am now. But this my choice, I'll use my youth to run far and fast racing the lion of time.

Urggg, it's enough to telling the craps of my life :3 let's about fashion and style. My brand bohie, launched the new lookbook few days ago and I'm so happy when getting good feedbacks. The collections are all in white! check it here friends.

"Black shadow is places where people want to hide themself from the others. and When we open our soul to the wide world, we'll got the white shadow everywhere. it touches us with the very good vibes of nature."
#boho #collections #design #white #maxi #shirt #men #women

If you don't know, now you know ;). My style base on Bohie is all about Boho which are Hippie, Bohemien and Gypsy. I'll stand to the end with this freedome statement. In the new collection, the presses is the lace-splits on the Shirts or the Maxi which balance in Romantic and Cute. This is the first time I make the male clothes ever, but surpringly, numerous of girls bought men Shirts! maybe unisex? ;))

Now, let see some of bohie's lookbook, enjoy it my friends.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

We are all Strong and Free

Urrrggg, sometimes you wanna go out just for fun, relaxation. You need someone to enjoy with but naahhhh, this one has a job, that one has family stuffs, the others wanna stay at home, etc.

The only person who can attend with you is afraid of gossip. Yep, she has a boyfriend and she afraid of the bad rumor if hanging out with only me, a boy! oh yes, we need one more witness. We keep waiting for a while if anyone attend, and got none.

So, I just simple told her "we are all strong and free persons, we need no one to have fun ourself". and then, we got s supper nice day together, as simple Friends!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm in Crush with 2NE1

If you don't care about K-pop, at least take a look at these gurls. Their music is great, so great, you can try to listen and judge youself with their new album here.

Or, again, you don't even care about K-pop, at least look at these gurls, in the style opinion. I can tell you as sure as I can count the number of fingers in my hand, they'll make you say "waoooo!!!"

In many ways of demonstration, their clothes are beyond of fashion, it's style enough to call 2NE1 style (just not like the others singers and groups in Korea are all in the same). From the begining of 5 years ago when they first debut, they build their images as fashionista singers and keep working on it untill now. These girls are also close friends with Jeremy Scotts, on talented designer on earth, of couse he helped them a lot by sending them beautiful-and-rebel out fit. Futher, Girls confirmed themself to the audience, by action in choosing clothes from the big Brands such as Versace, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Fendi... then mix and match with popular Brands, that they do focus on fashion, seriously. They can lead their brand as Fashionista, belong with their music.

Ooohhh, sorry cuz of my lengthy description. here come the shoots from their comback. I will update when new MV of 2NE1 release, much be so much things to talk about their fashion, and further, there style!

bonus one shoot from the last year, they all four wore Versace