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Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm in Crush with 2NE1

If you don't care about K-pop, at least take a look at these gurls. Their music is great, so great, you can try to listen and judge youself with their new album here.

Or, again, you don't even care about K-pop, at least look at these gurls, in the style opinion. I can tell you as sure as I can count the number of fingers in my hand, they'll make you say "waoooo!!!"

In many ways of demonstration, their clothes are beyond of fashion, it's style enough to call 2NE1 style (just not like the others singers and groups in Korea are all in the same). From the begining of 5 years ago when they first debut, they build their images as fashionista singers and keep working on it untill now. These girls are also close friends with Jeremy Scotts, on talented designer on earth, of couse he helped them a lot by sending them beautiful-and-rebel out fit. Futher, Girls confirmed themself to the audience, by action in choosing clothes from the big Brands such as Versace, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Fendi... then mix and match with popular Brands, that they do focus on fashion, seriously. They can lead their brand as Fashionista, belong with their music.

Ooohhh, sorry cuz of my lengthy description. here come the shoots from their comback. I will update when new MV of 2NE1 release, much be so much things to talk about their fashion, and further, there style!

bonus one shoot from the last year, they all four wore Versace 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Brit Awards Red Carpet best Gowns

These are my favs of the night. Take a look my friends.

Pixie Lott, she look young and elegant.

 Minogue's sister, what're their ages? who wanna know? they're both pretty young

 Myleen Klass, dazeling, so dazling

 look at the curve, good job Iggy Azalea

Katy B, awsome seethrough

 Queen B with the powerful green gown. congratzz to the successful perfome last night

Laura Whitmore

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Burberry Collections Fall/Winter ss14-15

Ohh, I really fall in love with this collections of Burberry. It's still Burberry but way more Boho which suprise me the most. The Boho inspiration blew a huge energy wind to the Clothes. You can see it clearly on the coats, the Maxi dress or the hand-bags carried by models.

I must clap my hands to Designers, they choose just the right stuffs of Boho to create this collections. I meant the colour-sketch prints on the coat or the bag, such a genious idea! The best thing above of all is they did not lose the tasteful elements which was made Burberry's core value.

The only thing I'm considering is whoever dare to wear these garish coat, although these're ready-to-wear collection. In fact, it's not easy to match them with almost the stuffs on your wardrobe, is it?!?

In my opinion, I love the Maxi dress and the hand-bag. It's soft, femini, elegant but rough and wild, that make me excited to watch on.

The last thing, Cara Delevingne, she's gorgeous! She did very well on the show.

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PheObear's on the past

It's not so many but this punch reflect my style so far.

Thanks for all the hypes and comments <3

Monday, February 17, 2014

Paris Hilton 33rd Birthday dress

We would like to say happy Bday to her ^,^

The dress she choosed caught my eyes right away with the colour of Radiant Orchid which is on trend this year. I can say this is the smart choice to get intentions, you know it's her night, she got to be the main character. 

Infact, I like this dress, especially on the top. The floating collar match with the colour make me think about a beautiful lotus, great designs! But in the bottom, it's so cheap, I mean, long metalic hot-pink piece, really?!? Thank so much to the very high split-line, it's helpful a lot. And for what I saw, she didn't wear undie @,@

Anyway, this dress can make up a remarkable story to her 33rd Bday, Congratzzz

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The Start of StylesBeAt

Hi guys and girls  ^ₒ^ I'm PheObear from Vietnam. I made this blog together with Mircat. We both love fashion so much. Actually, Mircat is working in a fashion company as a Marketer and I'm founder of Bohie design, a small brand of fashion with Boho spirit throughout. So, I can say, we live in fashion atmosphere everyday.

At the first saying, I admit that I'm a green lover, as you see in the look I post  ≥︺‿︺≤. But not only me, Mircat's so in love with this colour also.

About the name of this blog, StylesBeAt. We decide to choose the blog name so suprisingly quick at discussion. It's mean "Style is Be yourself At wherever you are" or funny simple mean "Style of BEar and cAT" (>‿◠)✌. I've been thinking so much what to do with this blog, umhmmm, improve our personal brand? daily update about style, mix and match, fashion news? or simply this is the place we post our photos, concepts, etc.? (─‿‿─) At the end we can not pick up any ideas, so, no more thinking. This is a blog and it's a blog, our world of fashion, we do share everything we love here. Maybe it comes with a little messy but everything'll be fine, I think! (ô‿ô)

We love sharing our life in style to you, hope you like it, love it and be friend with us, follow us <3 

If you like us, like us on facebook also ≧◠◡◠≦✌ luve ya

This is us, Mircat and PheObear

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