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Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm in Crush with 2NE1

If you don't care about K-pop, at least take a look at these gurls. Their music is great, so great, you can try to listen and judge youself with their new album here.

Or, again, you don't even care about K-pop, at least look at these gurls, in the style opinion. I can tell you as sure as I can count the number of fingers in my hand, they'll make you say "waoooo!!!"

In many ways of demonstration, their clothes are beyond of fashion, it's style enough to call 2NE1 style (just not like the others singers and groups in Korea are all in the same). From the begining of 5 years ago when they first debut, they build their images as fashionista singers and keep working on it untill now. These girls are also close friends with Jeremy Scotts, on talented designer on earth, of couse he helped them a lot by sending them beautiful-and-rebel out fit. Futher, Girls confirmed themself to the audience, by action in choosing clothes from the big Brands such as Versace, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Fendi... then mix and match with popular Brands, that they do focus on fashion, seriously. They can lead their brand as Fashionista, belong with their music.

Ooohhh, sorry cuz of my lengthy description. here come the shoots from their comback. I will update when new MV of 2NE1 release, much be so much things to talk about their fashion, and further, there style!

bonus one shoot from the last year, they all four wore Versace 

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