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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Burberry Collections Fall/Winter ss14-15

Ohh, I really fall in love with this collections of Burberry. It's still Burberry but way more Boho which suprise me the most. The Boho inspiration blew a huge energy wind to the Clothes. You can see it clearly on the coats, the Maxi dress or the hand-bags carried by models.

I must clap my hands to Designers, they choose just the right stuffs of Boho to create this collections. I meant the colour-sketch prints on the coat or the bag, such a genious idea! The best thing above of all is they did not lose the tasteful elements which was made Burberry's core value.

The only thing I'm considering is whoever dare to wear these garish coat, although these're ready-to-wear collection. In fact, it's not easy to match them with almost the stuffs on your wardrobe, is it?!?

In my opinion, I love the Maxi dress and the hand-bag. It's soft, femini, elegant but rough and wild, that make me excited to watch on.

The last thing, Cara Delevingne, she's gorgeous! She did very well on the show.

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