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Monday, February 17, 2014

The Start of StylesBeAt

Hi guys and girls  ^ₒ^ I'm PheObear from Vietnam. I made this blog together with Mircat. We both love fashion so much. Actually, Mircat is working in a fashion company as a Marketer and I'm founder of Bohie design, a small brand of fashion with Boho spirit throughout. So, I can say, we live in fashion atmosphere everyday.

At the first saying, I admit that I'm a green lover, as you see in the look I post  ≥︺‿︺≤. But not only me, Mircat's so in love with this colour also.

About the name of this blog, StylesBeAt. We decide to choose the blog name so suprisingly quick at discussion. It's mean "Style is Be yourself At wherever you are" or funny simple mean "Style of BEar and cAT" (>‿◠)✌. I've been thinking so much what to do with this blog, umhmmm, improve our personal brand? daily update about style, mix and match, fashion news? or simply this is the place we post our photos, concepts, etc.? (─‿‿─) At the end we can not pick up any ideas, so, no more thinking. This is a blog and it's a blog, our world of fashion, we do share everything we love here. Maybe it comes with a little messy but everything'll be fine, I think! (ô‿ô)

We love sharing our life in style to you, hope you like it, love it and be friend with us, follow us <3 

If you like us, like us on facebook also ≧◠◡◠≦✌ luve ya

This is us, Mircat and PheObear

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